32º | We Are 32
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We Are 32

Did you know that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit? It’s the precise point when the fluidic becomes solid, transforming shifting shapes into a precise and defined structure.

This relationship between water and ice led Gavin, owner and Creative Director, to think about the form and function of great design. Like H2O, design is all around us, everywhere we look, and hugely influences our daily lives in a way that we take for granted. The parallel between quenching your literal thirst and the one for knowledge through brand engagement fascinated Gavin, causing the floodgates of ambition to burst open. The resultant wave of creativity and strategy soon hardened to form 32 Degrees, a design studio that is transparent and stable whilst retaining flexibility and the capacity to grow and progress.

Whether you want to drip-feed your message to a particular audience or saturate the market, get in touch today. We can talk via phone, email or over a beverage, be it coffee, a pint, or a glass of good old aqua.